New to Fitssey?

Not sure where to start?
We will walk you through the basic setup.

First things first

Let’s start with the primary setting – location.

The location is a place where your classes are being taught. You will need to create at least one location to start setting up your schedule.

Plan your classes

Now, you can start creating your classes.

First, you’ll need to create a class with the desired name. After that, you can set on which days and what time it takes place.

Set your prices

You already have some classes in your studio, but what about passes?

Let’s create a pricing option, so that your clients will be able to pay for the class.

Add some clients

What’s a studio without clients?

Each of your clients will get their own profile in Fitssey. Go ahead and create your first student.

Make your first booking

Now that you’ve set up all the basics, let’s sign up the client to a class.

Go to the schedule, choose a class, pick a client and make the first booking.

Good job!

Check the other side

Curious how your client’s profile looks like?

Log out and log in again using the client account that you’ve created - make yourself at home.

Done with the basics?

Guess you’re ready to step up your game!

Visit our Knowledge Base to find more guides and tutorials and get more familiar with our application.