Effective online marketing tool

Fitssey helps you to stay in touch with your clients.

Design professional looking templates

Our drag-and-drop email designer will help you easily create beautiful, branded emails in just minutes.

Thanks to that your messages will look professional
to effectively attract your audience's attention.

Our email designer makes it easy for everyone to create beautiful templates.

Send effective email and SMS newsletters

Send successful email and SMS campaigns in minutes.

Keep your clients updated

Mass marketing is an efficient way to communicate with your subscribers.

Keep your clients informed about the current offers, events and news with help of email and SMS message to build a long-term relation between them and your studio.

You don't need to be a designer

Make use of our ready made template and adjust it to your needs or use the available blocks to create your own project.

Not sure how the message will look in your mailbox? Send a test email and see for yourself.

Easy and intuitive creation of personalized email messages.

Send single messages

Show your clients you really care.

Stay connected to your clients with our simple messaging feature.

Send single email and text messages directly from your client's profile - fast and convenient.
Thanks to that, you will easily remind your client about an upcoming private class or share other important information.

Don't worry about GDPR

Fitssey helps you make sure none of your clients receives unsolicited messages.
Each client can decide what type of content and notifications he wants to receive.

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