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Migrate to Fitssey

We know it's a big thing to switch software which takes care of all your management matters.
All your data and the fear of unknown.
But don't worry! At Fitssey, we do our best to make the change as smooth as possible.

Migrate your clients from a spreadsheet

You can easily import a list of your clients from a spreadsheet - straight to our application. Depending on the data you have, we will be able to import such information as name and surname of your clients, address, phone, gender, date of birth and more.

We will also inform your clients, that they have been migrated to Fitssey and ask them to activate their accounts.

Import your data from another software

If you're not happy with your current software, we will help you move your data to Fitssey. You can get a fully-functional scheduling and management application for a little price.

Get rid of the pain and confusion today.
We designed our app to make you smile!

Why bother migrating your data?

Fitssey is an application packed with plenty of features and a friendly interface, that helps you manage your studio. It's hard to beat our offer.

We promise you'll love it.