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Online bookings

  • Online schedule
  • Bookings and cancellations
  • Advanced attendance list
  • Waiting list
  • Client online registrations


  • Planning group classes
  • Planning workshops/courses
  • Class gender restriction
  • Specified booking ahead time
  • Specified class cancellation time
  • Waiting list
  • Class cancellation
  • Closing signups before class starts

Client management

  • Unlimited amount of client accounts
  • Client profile
  • Emergency contact details
  • Managing agreements and policies
  • Additional fields in client profile
  • Tagging clients
  • Client related reports

Staff management

  • Unlimited amount of staff accounts
  • Staff profile
  • Staff access restrictions
  • Staff efficiency report
  • Creating manager, teacher, receptionist accounts


  • Online payments
  • Manual payments
  • Financial reports
  • Automated payment reminders


  • Pricing options/cards
  • Contracts
  • Additional payments
  • Voucher codes
  • Automated payment reminders


  • Mass email and text messages
  • Creating and sending newsletters
  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Automated payment reminders


  • Schedule view settings
  • Own logo
  • Synonyms
  • Registration form settings
  • Managing agreements and policies


  • Automatic backup
  • SSL encryption
  • PCI DSS certificate
  • Client data protection
  • Staff access restrictions


  • Location types
  • Unlimited amount of locations and rooms

Mobile apps

  • Android app
  • iOS app


  • Technical support 24/7
  • Online knowledge base


  • Website integration
  • API
  • Webhooks

Additional services

  • Personal website
  • Dedicated API
  • Personalized mobile app

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Answers to some of the most common questions.

  • How are bookings being counted?

    That’s very simple! We count every booking made by you and your clients during the present billing cycle. However, if you book visits for a longer period of time e.g. the whole year, you don't have to pay for all bookings at once - at the end of each month, we will charge you for bookings made for the past month.

    Why do we count bookings? Because it's fair to charge you accordingly to your usage. No bookings? Studio closed? You don't pay.

  • Can I choose only the features I need?

    We don’t offer feature-specific pricing plans. You get the full version of the software with all its features and you can use whatever you want. However, we offer some extra functions, that are charged separately.

  • When do I have to pay?

    You are charged at the end of each billing cycle, but only if the number of bookings in your studio exceeded 50 (during that billing cycle) or you activated one of the add-ons, that require additional payment.

  • What is my billing cycle?

    Your standard billing cycle starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month. If it happens, that you register in the middle of the month, then (only) the first billing cycle will start on the day of registration and end on the last day of the month. The following billing cycles will start normally on the 1st day of the month.

  • Why a monthly subscription? Can I buy a license?

    We offer only monthly payments. The reason behind it is the fact, that our application is being constantly developed by our professional team, that is why it is always up-to-date and you can expect new features. Our technical support is always ready to help you and give advice. And you? You don't need to worry about anything.

  • Do you have any special offers?

    We offer a free first month of bookings (add-ons are paid separately) for new businesses. If your company exists not longer than 3 months, let us know! We will be happy to assign the discount.

  • Can I see a demo or test the application?

    You can register for free here, we don't require a credit card. You don't have to pay until you reach 50 bookings so it gives you plenty of room for free testing.

  • How secure is Fitssey?

    Protecting your studio data is our first priority. Fitssey uses physical, procedural, and technical safeguards to keep your information safe. In addition, we regularly back up your data to prevent data loss and aid in recovery. If you want to learn more about security at Fitssey, click here.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    You don't need to sign anything. By registering, you accept Fitssey's Terms & Conditions.

  • Can I cancel my account at any time?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email to [email protected]. However you need to deliver the notice at least 3 days before the end of the present billing cycle to end the subscription on the last day of the month.

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